Thursday, 23 September 2010

More complaining

This day really sucks. Just had tree hours with math. It's two hours to much.
And since we have to work (at a nursing home) we have to start with 7 hours with Math almost every thursdays. And I don't even want to work at a nursing home. But I have to get my studies approved. Wish my back was fine, so I could study sports. Or that I loved Math, Norwegian, science, french/German/spanish, Biology and chemestry. But only one year left with Nursing subjects.

This week its been a lot of homework, wich we haven't had for many years( 4 years). So Im really tired. Went to bed around 10 pm last night. Ha ha. 

I see that there are many who read my blog, but no comments.
If you read, feel free to comment .. Ask questions, or whatever you want.



  1. sv: herregud så heldig venninna di er! jeg er også misunnelig på henne :)

  2. jeg skal kommentere hvert innlegg jeg ^^ hihi