Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chill day

Today was gonna be a boring day. At least that was what I thought. But I was wrong.
We started the day with 2 hours with math. But we were so lucky that the librarian came and had to scan our books. And that took long time.  After that we watched a movie about a woman with cerebral palsy. It was very entertaining.

When I came home I started looking for schools. Because I think Im going to study in the UK. I really want to, but I don't know if I dare.My dreams right now is to become a physiotherapist.But it changes all the time.
Ugh. Life isn't always easy. lol.

I just came home. I ran for an hour today and Im so proud. Today Im just going to watch a football match, relax, eat fruit. Tomorrow school don't start before 11 am!

What is your dream for the future?
Do you work-out a lot ?



  1. move to UK, I will come and visit you often!! We can shop and watch alot fotball!!!

  2. Ha ha!! Yes, you have to come and visit me often if im moving! Shopping and football<3 lol

  3. YOU HAVE BLOG MORE OFTEN!! cause all day I thinking about what you are doing right now .. Miss u!!!