Thursday, 7 October 2010

What I've been up to, and a little suprise!

Haven't updated my blog for a long time. Sorry for those who are my read my blog every day!
The reason for me not blogging, are holiday. I've actually been quite busy until now, eventhough I've only been visiting friends and family.
But from now on, Im gonna update my blog as often as possible. But its kinda boring to see that a lot of people are reading this blog, but you guys don't comment. Please do!

Tomorrow, I may tell you a little suprise! I hope! A little secret I have. So stay tuned!! Hope everything works out as planned. Im not going to tell you more now, because im not 100% sure that is going to work out OK.

I want to read more blogs, Im only reading my friends blogs now because I'm tired of the others. If you want me to read your blog, write it down for me!



  1. SV: Me to:D

    Nice picture:D

    What a cool blog you have and you write in english I love it! This is defiantly a blog I'll read:D

    - Sofia

  2. SV: Ingen årsak:D Jeg er også fan av Sophia Bush;-)

    - Sofia